Gentle production technologies and top-quality sunflower


The Russian citizens like the Company’s products. They have chosen and continue to choose these products from among many analogues, because the proven quality of our oils deservedly inspires confidence over the years.

Divo Altaya

Branded oil from Divo Altaya, LLC. The gentle production technologies and top-quality sunflower provide the product with natural benefits and true quality.

GOST Zapas

This is a taste of childhood – the brightest one in a human life, filled with positive emotions and pleasant memories. We have created 2 flavors of sunflower oils for you according to GOST: aromatic unrefined and refined sunflower seed oils, keeping all the most delicious and natural features.


Only the best from the nature itself. Altai is a 100% natural oil made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The excellent quality is guaranteed.

New! Altaria Oil Spray

Pristine nature, endless open spaces, mountains, rivers and careful attitude to traditions inspired us to create a new line of environmentally friendly and natural oils. Altaria is presented in a brand new format for the market: vegetable oil spray.


Oil for the most daring culinary masterpieces in your kitchen! Create with pleasure, and we will take care of the quality.


All the benefits of Altai sunflower for your health. Taking care of you in every drop.


The oil is enriched with vitamins, fatty acids and phospholipids, therefore it is especially beneficial for a modern person who leads a dynamic life and takes care of his/her health.

20% Darom

A product for those who like to save money without saving on quality. Your favorite vegetable oil at a more favorable price!

Altai real oil with your brand on a turnkey basis

Divo Altaya, LLC is well experienced in the production and development of a product concept under the client’s private label. We will not only produce a batch of high-quality refined or unrefined sunflower seed oil in any packages, but also offer label variants with your logo developed by our designers.


We are ready to provide advertising support for the product, both for the initial acquaintance of consumers with the proposed product, and for its further promotion.

The main stages of the program may be as follows:

Conduction of tasting sessions and promotional activities;
Organization of promotional events for the purchase;
POS-m advertising support;
Placement of advertising modules in the media;
Assistance in the design of retail outlets in a corporate style;
Use of a cumulative discount system;
Individual approach to each customer.

The Company’s fleet of trucks carries out the delivery of goods at a time convenient for the customers.

If you become a buyer of our products, you get an opportunity to expand your business and introduce a new profitable direction in the business, offering real high-quality products to the consumer.

Looking forward to mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation, DIVO ALTAYA, LLC .

Divo Altaya, LLC is the largest producer of the packed sunflower seed oil in the Siberian Federal District.

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New! Altaria Oil Spray

Диво Алтая

Altaria is presented in a brand new format for the market: vegetable oil spray.